Lower Brule chairman pushes Medicaid expansion in State of the tribes address

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – The Lower Brule Sioux chairman is urging South Dakota state lawmakers to expand the Medicaid health coverage program and work with tribes to fight methamphetamine use.
Chairman Boyd Gourneau said Thursday in the third State of the Tribes address that if there was ever an issue the state and tribes should band together on, it’s to combat meth in South Dakota.
Gourneau says, “We are all South Dakotans.” But he says before working together on meth and health care, the relationship between the state and the tribes needs to be solidified.
Gourneau also highlighted Lower Brule’s successes in areas such as agriculture with Lakota Foods popcorn.
The tribe’s headquarters is in Lower Brule, and roughly 1,300 enrolled members live on the reservation in the central part of the state.