Brookings police pursuit called off

by Perry Miller
Brookings police report an early morning pursuit.
It happened shortly after one o'clock this morning and began on the
200 block of Medary Ave. when an officer spotted 
an SUV with a
faulty brake light.
Lt. Derrick Powers says the officer attempted to make a traffic stop, 
but the vehicle refused to pull over. It continued on at a normal rate of 
speed for several blocks, eventually turning onto Fifth St. and 
speeding up.  The SUV continued speeding through the residential 
area, eventually heading east on Sixth St. at speeds up to 65 mph.
Powers says the driver headed north on Interstate 29 and continued
to accelerate. Because of the construction and conditions, the officer
decided to call off the pursuit.
Powers says they have all the necessary vehicle and license plate
information and are following up today.  He says the pursuit lasted 
only a few minutes.  

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