SD House rejects $1 fishing licenses for those over 85

    PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - The South Dakota House has narrowly rejected a measure to provide $1 fishing licenses to adults over 85 years old. 
     The bill provoked good-natured jokes and laughter. 
     The sponsor of the bill says her 91-year-old mother fishes every day and could benefit from the bill. She says it would promote economic development on a small scale, because beneficiaries would return their $11 savings to the economy through purchase of bait or supplies.
     Opponents say the bill would take authority from the Games, Fish and Parks Department and would be the only license fee proscribed in law. One offered a few dollars to fund a license for the sponsor's mother.
     The bill was initially defeated 36-33. Representatives voted 37-32 to defeat it a second time, after a requested revote. 


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