Brookings Health System’s Medical Plaza Second Floor Opens

BROOKINGS – The second floor of Brookings Health System’s Medical Plaza opened for OB/GYN and dermatology patient care today.

This past August, Brookings Health System began finishing the Medical Plaza’s second floor with exam rooms and offices to accommodate the growing medical services offered by Avera Medical Group Specialty Care, the tenant who now occupies both floors of the medical office building.

“Part of the reason we built the Medical Plaza and undertook the hospital expansion and renovation project was to attract specialty providers to Brookings. As such, we knew we would need to accommodate future growth,” CEO Jason Merkley said. “It’s fantastic that we’ve been so successful in attracting talented providers, including orthopedic, ENT, urology and gynecology surgeons, in only three short years.”

When Brookings Health System opened the 30,000 square-foot Medical Plaza in 2016, the building opened with a finished first floor and a shelled-in second floor. The second-floor shell made the Medical Plaza ready for expansion when needed. 

With the second floor complete, Avera Medical Group Specialty Care has relocated the offices and exam space for OB/GYN and dermatology services to the second floor. The first floor still houses general surgery, urology, orthopedics and ENT. In addition, podiatry services have moved from the Avera clinic located at 400 22nd Ave. to the first floor of the Medical Plaza.

“Each floor should be able to accommodate about eight to 10 providers,” Merkley said. “With 12 different specialty providers already on board, that gives some extra space for growth and to continue recruiting specialists to Brookings.”

The Medical Plaza physician office building gives hospital-based clinicians easy hospital access to better care for patients. Located at 310 22nd Ave., the Medical Plaza connects directly to Brookings Hospital. Learn more at