Brookings man found guilty of voter fraud

A Brookings County jury has found a 57-year-old man guilty of voter fraud.

According to court records, Daniel J. Schoonhoven of Brookings attempted to vote more than once in the 2022 election. He voted absentee, then attempted to vote again in-person.

Schoonhoven pled not guilty, claiming he had forgotten that he had already voted.

Brookings County State’s Attorney Dan Nelson says after casting an absentee ballot, Schoonhoven showed up at the Holy Life Tabernacle in Brookings on election day to vote. Nelson says poll workers told Schoonhoven his ballot had already been cast. He claimed he din’t remember. The precinct superintendent then spoke with Schoonhoven, again explaining that he already voted. Schoonhoven again said he didn’t remember voting and wanted to cast another ballot.

Anyone who votes twice or attempts to vote again in South Dakota is guilty of a Class 6 felony, punishable by a maximum of 2-years in prison and/or a $4,000 fine.

Sentencing is set for May 16th.


April 25, 2023