Brookings pedestrian injured in apparent hit and run

Brookings police are seeking information on an incident they believe was a hit and run that left a pedestrian seriously injured.

Assistant Chief Derrick Powers says it happened about 12:30 in the morning on June 28th near the viaduct.

A passer-by found a man lying in the street near the edge of the road. Powers says the 20-year-old Brookings man was taken by ambulance to the Brookings Hospital and then airlfted to Sioux Falls with injuries to his face and head.

Powers says they now believe the man was hit by a vehicle while he was walking south on the 100 block of Sixth Avenue. Powers says the man was on the south side of the viaduct when he was struck.

He says a large, white SUV was seen headed south on Sixth at around the time the man was hit but they’re not certain it was involved. Anyone with information is asked to contact Brookings Police or Crime Stoppers at 692-STOP.


Perry Miller

July 8, 2020