Brookings teen facing a motor vehicle theft charge

A Brookings teen is facing charges after allegedly stealing a vehicle and attempting to buy alcohol with a phony ID.

Detective Adam Smith says officers were called to a business in the 2400 block of 6th Street at about 3:30 Thursday morning. A vehicle had been left running and unattended. A young adult male attempted to purchase alcohol at the business before getting a ride from a female.

Because it was still running and a firearm was visible inside, the vehicle was secured. Police also located a cell phone inside.

Officers were able to identify the owner of the vehicle and found it had been stolen from outside a residence.

Police identified the owner of the cell phone as 18-year-old Ashton Covell. He was located and interviewed. He claimed someone gave him a ride in the vehicle. Covell was also in possession of a fake ID. He was arrested for felony possession of a stolen vehicle, felony possession of a forged instrument, and underage possession of alcohol.


October 21, 2022