City of Brookings launches new website

The City of Brookings website has a new look for the new year.  The new and improved website launched Thursday.

City officials say the goal of the refresh is to provide more ease of navigation for community members as well as an upgrade of the entire user experience. The updates should make the site more compatible with mobile devices.

Chelsie Bakken is Marketing and Media Coordinator for Brookings. She says, “we wanted our new site to be mobile friendly so we could phase out the Brookings website app. Our web analytics show that a substantial number of visitors are now accessing our site using their mobile devices rather than computers. Mobile visits are more than double that of our desktop users,.”

Community members can still access the Brookings mobile app, but as it is phased out updates will no longer be made. With the discontinuation of the Brookings web app, which simply mirrored the content of the website, the City is working on a new feedback/reporting app that will be launched later this year.

Brookings contracted with CivicPlus, a company that specializes in software and digital technology resources for local governments for the redesign and development of the site.

City Manager Paul Briseno is optimistic about the launch.  He says, “The City of Brookings is a progressive, forward-thinking government. Organizationally were always evaluating opportunities to increase citizen engagement and trust through improved and streamlined services. Our website revamp is easier to navigate and provides better engagement for our residents while granting greater transparency of important issues, projects, and city matters.”


You can visit the updated website at