City of Brookings:  snow operation crews are out in full force

The City of Brookings snow operation crews and contractors are out in full force. The City is asking people to stay off the roads to allow its crews the space and time to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Their efforts are hindered when they encounter traffic, vehicles on streets, and stuck vehicles obstructing roadways.

“Please be patient and give our crews grace during these blizzard cleanup efforts,” said City Public Works Director John Thompson.

Below are snow operation updates from the City of Brookings:

  • NO TRAVEL ADVISORY for the City remains in effect until 12 noon today (Thursday, February 23). Residential streets are impassable with most vehicles.
  • SNOW PARKING BAN remains in effect until 6 a.m. Saturday, February 25. People should not park vehicles on emergency routes or residential streets, avenues or alleys. Violators will be subject to ticketing and towing, per City Ordinance 82-465.
  • EMERGENCY and PRIORTY ROUTES: Emergency routes are cleared, and crews are working this morning to plow other priority routes and major roadways.
  • RESIDENTIAL STREETS: Crews will begin plowing residential streets this afternoon and expect to complete those efforts by 6 a.m. Saturday.
  • DOWNTOWN: Starting at 2 a.m., City crews worked overnight in the downtown business district. Due to an unexpected equipment failure and the significant snowfall, their efforts to clear the snow were delayed. They expect to finish removing snow downtown this afternoon.

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February 23, 2023