No COVID-19 deaths reported in South Dakota Tuesday; active cases fall below 200

No COVID-19 deaths reported in South Dakota Tuesday. The total remains 2026.

Active cases in Brookings County increase by one to seven. There is one new case, the total is 4235.  Recovered cases hold steady at 4191. There have been 37 deaths in Brookings County. The County is in the “minimal” community spread category.

Statewide, active cases decrease by 29 to 186. Total cases increase by 25 to 124,377. There are 122,165 recovered cases. Current hospitalizations increase by three to 29.

Fifty-six percent of the state’s eligible population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Some 674,054 vaccinations have been administered in the state to 360,616 people. A total of 27,336 doses have been given in Brookings County to 14,773 people.

The latest information can be seen at the South Dakota Department of Health website.


June 15, 2021