Radar Signs Installed

Brookings County has installed two new Radar Signs along South Lake Drive in Lake Poinsett, following a study that found a handful of motorists in the area had been traveling nearly 80mph in the 35mph zone.

The sheriff’s office deployed a radar recorder in the area that tracked the speeds of roughly 20-thousand vehicles over a two-week period. The sheriff’s office says most of the motorists obeyed the posted limits; but a handful were found to be vastly exceeding the speed limits.

The new signs indcate a motorist’s speed and flash red-and-blue lights if they detect someone exceeding the posted speed limits in the area. The sigsn also record data, so traffic in the area can be evaluated again later to see if the new devices are having an impact.

The signs were purchased with a grant from the state Office of Highway Safety and funding from the Brookings County Commission. The sheriff’s office says other areas in the county are also being evaluated for similar signage in the future.