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Rolling blackouts could continue Wednesday, may impact Brookings

 Brookings Municipal Utilities is asking for your cooperation. They have been put on notice by Southwest Power Pool that an Energy Emergency Alert may occur on Wednesday morning.

There is a low probability that rolling blackouts will be required in Brookings, but they are preparing for the possible scenario and doing everything we can to minimize the likelihood.

Unfortunately, BMU has no control over these decisions and want customers to be prepared for the possibility of an outage Wednesday morning. If rolling blackouts are required, we expect them to be less than an hour in duration. BMU is asking that everybody do their best to conserve energy for at least the next 48 hours. A few effective methods for reducing energy include turning down the heat, delaying the use of the dishwasher or clothes washer/dryer, and shutting off any unnecessary space heaters or lights in your home.


February 17, 2021