Second truck spill on road in Brookings County this week

A truck spilling it’s load on a roadway Wednesday is the second case in as many days in Brookings County.

This second incident happened about 7:50 Wednesday morning on 464th Avenue just north of Volga, between 209th and 210th Street.

Assistant Sheriff Scott Sebring says a concrete truck dumped part of the its load onto the northbound roadway. Why the concrete was spilled onto the road is still being nvestigated. The concrete was spread in the northbound lane for about one mile. Charges are pending against the driver.

Total cost of the cleanup is still being estimated.

On Tuesday, a truck spread asphalt along a two-and-a-half mile stretch of Highway 14 west of Brookings.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to make sure their loads are secured and vehicles are functioning properly before entering the public roadways.


July 20, 2023