South Dakota students score above national average on ACT

South Dakota students scores above the national average in the latest round of ACT test results.

The state had an average composite score of 21.1, which is the highest in the region. The national average is 19.5.

Nearly 60-percent of the state’s 2023 graduates took the test.

Fifty-nine percent of South Dakota’s 2023 graduates scored a 20 or above, compared to 49.5 percent for Midwestern states, and 44.3 percent nationally. South Dakota’s public universities require an 18 for admission.

The ACT composite score reflects results in Engish, math, reading, and science.

South Dakota’s ACT test-takers indicated they have an interest in staying in-state to pursue further education. Of the institutions identified to receive students’ scores, the top 10 are universities and technical colleges in South Dakota.


October 12, 2023