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South Dakota’s public universities report COVID-19 cases, SDSU has 50

South Dakota universities are now reporting COVID-19 cases online.

South Dakota State University reports 50 cases, all among students, and 123 people in quarantine. These are self-reported cases, using data provided by students and may include students who do not live in Brookings or who take only online courses.

The University of South Dakota reported the highest number of people affected by the coronavirus, with 98 active cases and 496 people in quarantine. Of the active cases, 94 are students, 4 are staff.

As of Thursday morning, there were a total of 23 cases reported at the other 4 public universities combined.

The Board of Regents launched the dashboards to provide a real-time look at case numbers.

The Department of Health is giving a weekly report on the number of cases in schools and universities statewide, but does not provide a breakdown by school or district.


August 27, 2020