Wound Care Encourages Local Sock Donations

During the month of September, Brookings Health System’s Wound Care team is encouraging community members to donate new pairs of socks to those in need locally. A collection box is located inside Brookings Health System’s 22nd Avenue entrance through September 30.

Socks are one of the most requested items in the winter for those less fortunate and donating to this cause will help prevent foot-related health complications. There are numerous health problems that can result from not having or wearing socks, including:

  • Friction – Bony parts of the foot can become irritated if socks aren’t worn, leading to thickened skin, which results in painful calluses and corns. 
  • Frostbite – Socks provide warmth and help minimize the constriction of blood vessels, which makes toes susceptible to damage by the cold. Severe frostbite can result in amputation.
  • Neuropathy – When nerve function is lost it makes it harder to feel thickened skin or irritations. If skin breaks down, a non-healing wound called an ulcer can form. Ulcers can become infected and can even infect bone, which can result in amputation. Patients affected by neuropathy include those with diabetes, alcohol abuse problems and those on certain medications. 

“The simplest of wounds can turn into a significant problem if the body’s normal healing process is affected,” said Kimberly Long, Director of Brookings Health System’s Wound Center. “With colder months ahead, it is important to protect your skin by adding warm layers. This includes covering your head and ears, choosing insulating mittens or gloves and wearing warm socks.” 

All collected socks will be donated to Brookings Salvation Army for struggling individuals and families in Brookings County.  Learn more about Brookings Salvation Army and ways to support those in need by visiting www.salarmybrookings.org


September 9, 2021