Brookings fire crews quickly extinguish apartment fire

Brookings fire crews respond to a Tuesday morning fire in an apartment building at 1910 8th Street South.

Fire Chief Pete Bolzer says they received the call at 9:43 am, the first fire department official was on the scene in three minutes and the first engine was there eight minutes after they got the call. Bolzer says the fire was under control by 10:05.

The fire was in the kitchen of a second floor apartment. Bolzer says it appears to have started in an electric appliance but the cause is still under investigation.

Fire damage was confined to the kitchen but there was heat and smoke damage in other rooms. An adjacent apartment also has some smoke damage.

Bolzer says there was also minimal water damage to an apartment below. He says the firefighters were so efficient, they only used 50-70 gallons of water to control the fire.

There were no injuries.


April 5, 2023