Fire destroys garage, camper at Brookings residence

The Brookings Fire Department had to deal with two fires at the same time Monday evening.

Fire Chief Darrell Hartmann says they were called for a lawn mower fire shortly before 4:30 pm at 1508 Sioux Trail. On the way, it was upgraded to a structure fire as it had spread to the garage and a camper. Hartmann says they had several explosions from LP tanks and ammunition stored in the garage and camper.

He says police officers worked to clear the scene and adjacent structures. Hartmann says the officers provided excellent information, letting the fire department know about hazards in the area.

The detached garage fire was affecting the owner’s house as well as a house to the north. The fire was rolling into the eaves of the owner’s house and the heat had melted the siding and had broken windows of the house to the north. Hartmann says, due to the quick actions of the crew, the residence house and the house to the north were both saved.

The garage and the camper were a total loss along with all items stored inside.

Shortly before 5:00, a second fire call came in for an apartment at 125 12th Avenue South. The occupant had covered the cooking grease fire with another pan, shut off the range top and unplugged the unit.

Hartmann says, thanks to those correct actions, the fire was extinguished but here was very heavy smoke in the apartment. The fire crew ventilated the apartment and confirmed the fire had been extinguished and had not spread. That crew then returned to the original fire.

There were no injuries on either call.


November 3, 2020