House fails to override Governor Noem’s 1st veto of the session

In a session where fellow Republicans have rebuked her on several pieces of key legislation, Governor Kristi Noem chalked up a win Tuesday.

The House failed to get the votes necessary to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1109. They still approved of the measure, voting 41 to 29 to override, but it requires a two-thirds majority.

The bill would have allowed business improvement districts, known as “BIDs,” to increase the rate hotels and motels could charge per room. The current rate is $2, set in 2005. The bill would have allowed cities to charge up to $4 per room.

Representative Becky Drury of Rapid City says it should be a local decision.

Representative Phil Jensen of Rapid City says motel operators can raise the money on their own.

Noem dramatically vetoed the bill last week with a branding iron that says “VETO” dipped in red ink.


March 8, 2023