Pheasant Restaurant offers groceries for no-contact pickup and delivery in Brookings

In an effort to keep people fed, safe, and happy during COVID-19 social distancing and to take some pressure off of Brookings’ two over-burdened grocery stores, The Pheasant is offering pre-ordered grocery bundles. Some basic grocery supplies have been set up for purchase on the restaurant’s website: Groceries can be ordered online by card, and dropped in consumers’ trunks to ensure no human contact or potential virus transmission. More items are being added daily and basic bundles will be switched up weekly.

The Pheasant press release says the supply chain is completely different for restaurants, especially ones with local sourcing relationships, They hope to fill some gaps where there is community need. The restaurant is currently working to be able to provide more fresh produce options, a supply chain which is strained for both food service businesses and grocery stores. In addition to groceries, the public can order wines, The Pheasant’s private-label specialty products, grocery meal kits, and prepared ready-to-heat family meals. They’re also working to begin offering a variety of locally produced food items. And , they even offer a few basic hygiene products including emergency toilet paper.

The restaurant is still offering full menu for “trunk-drop carhop” and running a rotation of “carhop cruiser eats,” throwback specials for the city’s growing crowd of weekend “Cruise Against Corona” participants.

The Pheasant is also committed to aiding in community food insecurity relief efforts during the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. One way the public can partner in this effort is to purchase gift certificates on their website and specify that the balance should be used towards the donation of meals and groceries for struggling residents and families.

The Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge celebrated it’s 70th anniversary in 2019.