Pierre daycare provider charged with contributing to abuse of children

A 41-year-old Pierre woman has been charged with two misdemeanors after allegations last year that children were abused at the woman’s in-home daycare.

A Hughes County grand jury issued the indictment against Brandi Jo Barringer Tuesday.

She’s been charged with two counts of Contributing to the Abuse, Neglect, or Delinquency of a Child. It’s alleged that Barringer did not provide the care necessary for a child’s well-being.

The daycare is now closed.

In August of last year, Facebook posts accusing Barringer of negligence went viral after at least two parents shared information accusing the provider of doing nothing to stop a nine-year-old from physically and sexually abusing other children at the in-home daycare.

The Class 1 Misdemeanors include a maximum penalty of one year in a county jail, a $2000 fine or both.


May 18, 2023