South Dakota DCI investigating Yankton County Equalization

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation is looking at the Yankton County Department of Equalization.

The Yankton County Commission issued a press release after confidential information from an executive session was leaked to the public on a Facebook page.

According to the release, an issue of possible unethical and/or illegal activities by past and present members of the County Department of Equalization was brought to the County Commission during the executive session.

The charge alleges that both a current employee of the Equalization Office and a former Director may have wrongfully participated in reducing the property tax obligations owed to Yankton County.

To avoid any potential conflict of interest, the Commission referred the matter to the South Dakota Attorney General’s office.

Prior to the leak, the Commission had decided the matter should be kept confidential while the investigation was ongoing.

The leak will also be investigated.


October 7, 2022