South Dakota students decline in nationwide assessment but still score above national averages

Results of the 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress, released Monday, show South Dakota scores down but still above the national average. The state experienced less volatility than others. Some states saw double-digit declines in average test scores. Educators concerned with the impact of the pandemic had been anticipating a decline.

The assessment of reading and math is taken by students in 4th and 8th grades across the U-S every two years.

South Dakota’s 4th grade reading score was down while the 8th grade score stayed about the same. Both were above the national average.

South Dakota’s math scores at 4th and 8th grade also went down but remain above the national average.

Education Department Secretary, Mary Staddick Smith, says she’s glad to see that South Dakota students have held their own. She says there is room for improvement. Staddick Smith says the state’s scores have slipped over time, and they need to ensure students are receiving the best instruction and learning opportunities available.


October 25, 2022