Vaccination efforts in Brookings and across South Dakota shift to 75-plus Monday

Starting Monday, Feb. 8, the South Dakota Department of Health is lowering the age bracket for people eligible to receive the vaccine to 75 years of age and older.

This is a change from the previous 80-plus. It also includes high-risk individuals — those who have 2+ underlying medical conditions and people who live in a congregate setting.

Brookings Health System is partnering with Sanford Clinic Brookings and Avera Medical Group Brookings to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to qualifying Brookings County residents following the South Dakota Department of Health’s Plan.

Brookings County residents who qualify for the currently updated Phase 1d selection and are not a patient at Avera Medical Group Brookings or Sanford Clinic Brookings may join the vaccine waiting list on the Brookings Health website.

According to Brookings Health, allocations are still arriving in limited increments and have a limited shelf life. As such, not everyone who is within each group approved by the Department of Health will be contacted at the same time. The local clinics are starting with the oldest and sickest individuals first. Individuals will receive a phone call when a vaccine dose is available for their turn.

In addition, the federal government has will start shipping COVID vaccines to retail pharmacies starting the week of Feb. 8. While local pharmacies are included, further details are not yet known.  the South Dakota Dept. of Health says the pharmacies will follow the same guidelines on who will receive the vaccine.


February 5, 2021