Another Case of Lug Nut Tampering in Volga

The Brookings County Sheriff’s Department is investigating another case of lug nut tampering in Volga.

The latest was reported yesterday morning and likely had happened sometime Thursday or Friday of last week. A Volga resident reported driving a vehicle and discovering the lug nuts had been loosened on the rear driver’s side tire. The driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle, managed to stop safely, and then reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies discovered three lug nuts had been intentionally loosened.

Similar incidents were reported in Volga in June and May, and there were several cases reported in October of last year as well.

As a safety precaution, the Sheriff’s Office is asking motorists to check tires and fasteners for damage, wear, and tampering to ensure safety on the roads. If you do find what looks to be intentional damage to your vehicle, please contact local law enforcement.

Anyone with information on the series of lug nut tampering incidents in Volga should contact the Sheriff’s Office or crimestoppers: 692-STOP or online at