Bill limiting eminent domain on some pipeline projects moves ahead

The House State Affairs Committee this Monday endorses a bill giving landowners more rights in eminent domain condemnations for some pipelines.

A flurry of bills arose from landowner complaints about the proposed Navigator CO2 and Summit Carbon Systems carbon dioxide sequestration pipelines.

HB 1133 would restrict what types of projects could use eminent domain.

The pipeline would have to carry a “commodity.”

The sponsor is Republican Representative Karla Lems of Canton…

Companies behind the two proposed carbon dioxide pipelines in South Dakota and representatives from investor-owned utilities and other business groups say the current process is fair and it works. Jake Ketzner with Summit Carbon Solutions…

The bill passed 8-5 and now goes to the House floor.

Several other bills dealing landowners and pipelines were killed in committee. One other measure passed. It deals with legal deadlines.


February 7, 2023