Brookings Police Department Restructuring

The City of Brookings will be restructuring the Police Department, drawing upon recommendations made by a consulting firm.

The Center for Public Safety Management recently analyzed the operations, staffing, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Brookings Police Department and produced a 186-page report full of recommendations on ways to improve law enforcement in Brookings. The recommendations include changes to the organizational hierarchy of the department along with suggestions on new approaches to training and technology.

According to a press release issued by the city, many of the recommendations are now being implemented and will result in some changes to staff titles but no decrease in Police Department staffing. New job classifications, reassignment of existing duties, and rotations of staff in some positions will be implemented in the police department to hopefully provide greater efficiencies and more oversight. The city plans to continue making other changes incrementally over the next few years.

The full report from the consulting firm can be downloaded through the city’s website