City of Brookings announces additional coronavirus measures

The City of Brookings announces additional measures designed to prevent the possible introduction and spread of coronavirus in the community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sunday issued a release recommending postponement or cancellation of large events or gatherings consisting of 50 people or more throughout the United States. The City of Brookings asks that members of our community recognize the CDC guidelines, and is urging individuals with underlying health conditions and high-risk populations to take extra precautionary measures, including the practice of social distancing and proper hand hygiene.

In response to CDC recommendations, the City has decided to implement the following measures:

The Brookings Work Session that was scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 has been canceled.
All City of Brookings volunteer board, committee, and commission meetings scheduled from March 16th through March 22nd have been canceled. Meetings may be rescheduled.
All Brookings Parks, Recreation, and Forestry events from Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 22nd have been canceled. All Park and Rec facilities will also be closed during that time.
The Brookings Public Library facilities are closed Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 22nd. All library-sponsored programs, classes, and events are also canceled during that time.
Please visit for an updated listing of all postponed and canceled Swiftel Center events.
All future City of Brookings closings will be evaluated and determined by March 19th.

The City understands that cancellations and closures affect our community; however, there is a substantial amount of evidence showing that isolating and minimizing social contact can assist in reducing the spread of Coronavirus.