Gov Noem:  Ravnsborg should resign or be impeached

Governor Kristi Noem is unhappy with the outcome of the Jason Ravnsborg criminal proceedings.

Noem says she’s disappointed by how the process was handled by prosecutors and is outraged at the result of the plea hearing and sentencing. She says Ravnsborg has not accepted responsibility for the death of Joseph Boever and did not even appear in court to face the charges or the Boever family.

Noem says Ravnsborg should resign. If he doesn’t, the Governor says the Legislature can and should consider the articles of impeachment already brought in the House. Noem says
she has instructed the state Department of Public Safety to provide House Speaker Spencer Gosch a complete copy of the investigation file.

Gosch said in March that the House would wait until after the criminal proceedings were concluded to proceed with articles of impeachment against Ravnsborg.

Governor Noem points out that the South Dakota Sheriff’s Association, the South Dakota Police Chiefs Association, and the South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police previously called on Ravnsborg to resign.


August 27, 2021