Guns, vehicle stolen in Volga buglary

The Brookings County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a Volga burglary that involved the theft of guns and a vehicle.

Assistant Sheriff Scott Sebring says it happened sometime between 3:00 o’clock Friday afternoon and 3:00 o’clock Saturday afternoon on the 700 block of East 5th Street in Volga.

Someone entered the residence, stole five firearms and jewelry and fled in a vehicle stolen from inside a garage.

While searching for the stolen vehicle, deputies were alerted to its location about one mile away from the residence. It was returned to the owners.

The total loss from the theft is still unknown. The stolen guns were two 20 gauge shotguns, one 12 gauge shotgun and two .22 rifles.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office or contact Crime Stoppers at 692-STOP.


March 21, 2022