Man acquitted in Watertown murder trial

A not guilty plea in the trial of a man accused of the brutal murder of a Watertown woman.

Late Tuesday night, a 12-person jury acquitted Jeremiah Peacemaker on three counts of murder, including murder in the first degree.

Peacemaker had been charged with the August, 2020 death of 28-year-old Kendra Owen.

Attorney General Marty Jackley prosecuted the case and during closing arguments asked the jury to “follow the evidence.”

But the prosecution did not have a murder weapon because it was ever found. Their strongest piece of evidence was Peacemaker’s right thumbprint found on a tube of toothpaste in Owen’s bathroom.

Peacemaker’s lawyer, Kate Benson called it a case, “with a lot of holes, no weapon and no motive.” She called the Watertown Police Department’s investigation “terrible.”

Jackley says,  “the state would have preferred a different verdict but they respect what the jury has said.”

The verdict was returned at 10:45 Tuesday night. Members of Owen’s family began screaming expletives in the court, and were escorted out.


March 6, 2024