Pipeline bills pass South Dakota Legislature, head to Governor Noem

The main bill dealing with carbon capture pipelines clears the South Dakota Legislature.

SB 201 still gives local governments some say over setbacks on pipelines, but the PUC would have the final word. It also provides that the pipeline owner pay a fee of one-dollar per foot of pipeline in an effected county. Half that money must go to property tax relief.

The final version of the bill passed 39-31 in the House and 24-10 in the Senate.

Majority Leader Will Mortenson of Fort Pierre is the prime sponsor on the House side. He says this bill puts policies in place to help farmers.

Represetnative Karla Lems of Canton has been a vocal opponent of the bill from the outset. She says there was already a process in place. Lems also says this is not a landowner protection bill. She says it’s a “pipeline bill of rights.” Lems says it paves the way for pipeline companies to have their way.

Two other pipeline bills also passed. One establishes a $500 fee to be paid to landowners when a pipeline of any type wants to survey a property.

The other caps easements for carbon pipelines at 99-years and withdraws the easement if construction doesn’t begin five-years after construction.

All three bills now head to the governor’s desk.


March 7, 2024