Ravnsborg urges the state Supreme Court to let him keep his law license

Former South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is urging the state Supreme Court to dismiss an effort to suspend his law license. Ravnsborg argued that he took responsibility and acted professionally following a deadly accident with a pedestrian during a hearing Wednesday.

That accident led to his political downfall. Ravnsborg was impeached and removed as attorney general less than two years after the 2020 accident. Fifty-five-year-old Joe Boever had been walking along a rural stretch of highway when he was fatally struck by Ravnsborg’s vehicle.

A disciplinary board of the South Dakota State Bar is seeking a 26-month suspension of Ravnsborg’s law license. The suspension would be retroactive to when he left office in June 2022 and would end in August.

The Court holds total authority to decide the fate of Ravnsborg’s legal career, with no set timeline for a decision.


February 15, 2024