Republican primaries will be needed in both Brookings County Legislative Districts

Tuesday was the deadline for major party candidates to file for state legislative seats.

In District 7, which is Brookings, Aurora and Lake Campbell, there will be Republican primaries for both the state House and Senate.

Current Representative Tim Reed as well as Julie Erickson have filed for Senate. No Democrats have filed.

Four Republicans have filed for the State House: former Representative Doug Post along with Matt Doyle, Melissa Heermann and Roger DeGroot. The two selected in the June primary will move on to November. Two Democrats have filed for the the House, Lisa Johnson and Mary Perpich.

District 8 now includes the rest of Brookings County as well as Kingsbury, Lake and a large part of Miner County. It also has Republican primaries for House and Senate.

On the Senate side, incumbent Casey Crabtree of Madison is being challenged by Heather DeVries of Madison.

There are four Republican candidates for the House. Johns Mills of Volga is an incumbent Representative from District 4 who, due to redistricting, is now in 8. Incumbent Marli Wiese of Madison is seeking reelection as well. They’re being challenged by Lecia Summerer of Wentworth and Timothy Reisch of Howard. (NOTE:  Marli Wiese has withdrawn her petitions for House).

No Democrats have filed in District 8.

There could be additional candidates as petitions that were mailed and postmarked by Tuesday will also be counted. Independent candidates have until April 26 to file.


March 30, 2022