Scam costs Brookings man thousands of dollars

Brookings police are investigating a scam that cost a local man thousands of dollars.

On Thursday, a Brookings man reported he met a female on social media and exchanged messages.The female convinced the victim to invest money in cryptocurrency and sent him a link to a fraudulent app.

The victim used the app to “invest” about $100,000 in cryptocurrency on high-risk investments. The fraudulent app showed the victim making money most of the time. The man is out all the money he thought he was investing. It’s possible the contact wasn’t even female.

It was later discovered the person or persons had multiple social media accounts under two names, including what appear to be stolen accounts.

Brookings Police remind people to be cautious online. It’s always best to download apps directly through the Apple store or Google Play.

Always be cautious when sending money to people you meet online.


February 16, 2023