Brookings Area Transit Authority Director Brenda Schweitzer is resigning to pursue a new opportunity.

Schweitzer has served as BATA’s first and only full-time director for the past 17 years.

When she started in 2005, BATA had one full-time and five part-time employees and four vehicles. There are currently 40 employees and 31 vehicles.

Schweitzer says she believes her greatest accomplishments have been cultivating a compassionate and award-winning team as well as extensive collaboration within the communities served.

Schweitzer also points to the future, and the work with Brookings Schools to acquire a grant for the construction of a new joint use bus facility. They await word on the grant approval.

She will serve as Transportation Planning Coordinator for Sioux Falls. Friday is her last day at BATA.

Until a new Director can be hired, the current management team will be serving as an interim team to cover the Director responsibilities.


January 18, 2022