SD Health care costs among highest in the nation

A new analysis shows South Dakota with the second-highest health care costs in the nation.

South Dakota News Watch reports that the unusually high costs are prompting some state residents to forgo necessary medical care. That can drive up costs even further.

A new ranking by Forbes Advisor used nine metrics to determine which states had the highest health care costs and South Dakota came in second, behind only North Carolina.

High costs in South Dakota are generally attributed to a lack of competition in health care and insurance, high medical employee and overhead costs, and a shortage of major employers who can pay more toward employees’ insurance costs.

Experts told News Watch that expansion of Medicaid eligibility, which took effect last year, could lower costs for everyone as more low-income residents receive care and providers get some costs covered by the federal program.


By Bart Pfankuch, South Dakota News Watch

April 3, 2024