Semi-trucks collide on Highway 14 west of Brookings

A collision of two semi-trucks causes the partial blockage of Highway 14 for several hours Thursday morning. There were no injuries.

Assistant Sheriff Scott Sebring says it was reported shortly after 8:00 am. A semi with two cement powder tanker trailers was turning east onto 14 from 467th Avenue and was waiting for traffic when the rear trailer was hit by a westbound semi with two side-dump trailers hauling sand.

The collision caused the second cement powder trailer to tip on its side. It was loaded with about 50,000 pounds of powdered cement. After the collision, the second semi jackknifed into the median.

Recovering the vehicles required both westbound lanes to be closed for about two hours and one eastbound lane for about three hours.

The operator hauling the cement trailers was charged with careless driving.

There was extensive damage to both units.

Brookings Police and Brookings Fire Department were also at the scene.


November 5, 2021