Sioux Falls man charged with assaulting law enforcement officers in Brookings

A Sioux Falls man is facing numerous charges in Brookings because of his unruly behavior after being arrested.

Police Lt. Joe Fishbaugher says they were alerted to a man acting combative and belligerent at a Friday concert at Dacotah Bank Center.

The man, 30-year-old Taylor Ahlquist, was highly intoxicated and was acting in a threatening manner. He was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

Fishbaugher says, once in custody, Ahlquist, escalated his behavior and kicked the transport cage in the patrol car, spit at officers, and struck an officer while at the jail.

He was charged with both felony and misdemeanor assault of law enforcement for spitting at officers, felony simple assault of a law enforcement officer, and threatening a law enforcement officer.


April 9, 2024