Two men arrested for robbery outside Brookings convenience store

Two Brookings men are facing charges after a Monday night robbery outside a local business.

Police Sergeant Joel Perry says police were called to Casey’s General Store on 8th Street shortly after 8:00 pm.

Two men had approached a person in a vehicle, claimed they had a gun and demanded money. The victim handed over two $20 bills. The two robbers then went inside the store and purchased beer and cigarettes with the stolen money.

Police arrived and arrested the two just outside the store. Perry says they did not have a gun.

Thirty-one-year-old Douglas Deverney and 33-year-old Ward Deverney, Jr. were arrested and charged with second-degree robbery. In addition, Ward Deverney resisted as he was being taken into the jail. Additional charges are possible.

Both men have prior criminal records. The two are being held at the Brookings County Jail with bond set at $15,000 cash.


Ward Deverney, Douglas Deverney


January 4, 2022